Equine Budgeting 101

Smart Financial Planning For Horse Owners

Money cannot buy happiness - but money pays for the horses who make us happy. The responsibility of providing for their well-being, ensuring their health and happiness, and managing their finances is a huge factor of horse ownership. Do you know exactly how much you spend on your horse each month?

Equine Budgeting 101


I've been a budgeting queen my whole life. My mom loves to remind me of how she had me calculate the estimated cost of gas to drive me 40 minutes to the barn to see the horses, based on gas prices and the average mileage our family car got at the time. We used that number to determine that we could only go 1-2 times a week. In college, I remember spending a lot of time calculating the nutrient concentrations in different supplements in order to select the best "bang for my buck" when it came to choosing what to buy my horse on a very poor college-student budget. Today, I keep a close track of how much I spend on all animal expenses in order to calculate accurate cost projections to ensure I have enough money to cover everyone.

I realized that not many equestrians have advanced spreadsheet skills, and many are merely guessing when it comes to their equine-related monthly costs. I have operated on a strict budget my entire life, having had my oldest horse Tucker since I was 14. His costs have ALWAYS been part of my own, so I have carried the weight of that responsibility for longer than I have paid bills. I think every horse owner should feel confident in knowing exactly what they are spending on their horse. You should be able to make accurate projections on what future costs may include, as this knowledge enables you to make smart decisions. Financial planning ensures your horse will be provided for, and alerts you if changes need to be made in order to keep you financially healthy.


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Part 1

Comparing Costs Effectively - in order to make informed and cost-effective decisions, one must delve deeper than the price tag, considering factors such as serving size, nutrient content, and the overall value a product brings to your horse's diet.

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Part 2

Creating a Monthly Budget - you'll gain the skills and confidence to create a comprehensive monthly budget tailored to your horse's unique needs, providing you with the financial foresight needed to be prepared.

Just Stop for a Second and Ask Yourself:

Do you know how much your horse truly costs each month?

How much money should you set aside for your horse?

Are you spending your money on the right supplements?

What is the bare minimum you need to support your horse?

The privilege of having these incredible creatures in our lives also comes with a significant responsibility. Do you know exactly how much money you need each month to support their basic needs? If something terrible happens, and you have to cut costs, do you know what will stay and what will go? Knowing your horse's expenses gives you the knowledge to make smart decisions, and when life doesn't go your way you will be more prepared when you know exactly where your money needs to go.

I've lived paycheck-to-paycheck most of my life, yet prioritizing my horses' wellbeing is always a top priority. Knowing exactly how much I need to cover their monthly expenses has helped me make financial decisions at every stage of my life, and I know you will be empowered with the same knowledge.


How to calculate the cost per day for feeds, supplements, and even other services like farrier and vet visits.

Examples of real costs.

How to compare supplements to determine the best value for your horse and your budget.

How to determine your monthly budget.


If you learn nothing useful from this book, you will be refunded. Simple as that.


My name is Rachel, and you probably met me on Instagram @Nantucket_Blue. My eldest horse, Tucker, has been my best friend since 2007. His "show name" that was written on the boarding contract where he was abandoned was Nantucket Blue, and so when we joined Instagram back when filters were all the rage, that was the name I chose. Over the years, we adopted his little brother Trubee, and then most recently we brought in our mustang mare Adee. I live with this lovely trio on some land where we rent a barn and a literal tiny home with my human partner, Brian.

Brian & I are the types of people who have a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING, and budgeting has been an essential part of our survival. We track everything with the horses! Since they have hay 24/7, we even weigh what they eat daily so we can have accurate projections to budget for hay each month. When we realized that not everyone knows how to accomplish such a budget, we made our spreadsheet more user-friendly to share with friends. Then we realized that people needed more context and breakdowns, which is how this e-book was born!

Rachel Liana



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Equine Budget Sheet

Equine Budget Sheet

Our all-in-one expense tracking template is a powerful tool for monitoring your horse-related budget. This spreadsheet allows you to estimate expenses for feed, supplements, meds, farrier visits, veterinary care, boarding fees, and any other related costs. It automatically calculates your total monthly expenses, giving you a clear picture of your financial commitments.
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